I’m pregnant!

Just kidding! 😛 but I got your attention didn’t I? 🙂

I have always wanted a baby. I absolutely love the idea of having a little piece of me and my husband running around, teaching it and seeing it grow, loving it unconditionally in an amount that I can’t even fathom. I get the WORST baby fever where I consider having a baby right now!

However…The longer I am married to my husband, the more I realize that I am in no way ready to have a baby.

Logic would say that having a baby now while in the military, would be smart. Steady paychecks, health insurance that covers virtually everything, job stability, etc. And everyone and their mother keeps asking when I’m having a baby or if I’m pregnant yet. So why wait?

In a few weeks, Daniel and I will have been married for a year. (Wait, a year?! When did this happen! :]) And every day, I’m crazier about him than I was the day before. I realize that at this point I don’t want to share my husband. I enjoy that we are all we have to love right now. I believe it is important for couples to take some time to be a couple before they decide to be parents. We need to get to know each other, establish values, and just have fun with each other.

I also realize that even though we are financially stable being in the military, our finances are no where near where we want.

And we are not emotionally ready to have a child. We’re still kids ourselves. We still have growing up and learning to do.

I admire all the parents who had children at a young age. I think that most of them have their priorities straight and have beautiful children. But I am just not ready.

I’ve learned so much from Daniel over the last year about him, myself, and us as a couple. I value and appreciate every second I get to spend with him.

One day, I’ll share those moments with a little mini us. When we’re ready. But until then, I’m thankful for spurts of baby fever. 🙂

And birth control 😛


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