Boundaries: the difference between going to the bathroom with the door open or closed

Married life is pure bliss. You become best friends with your significant other. You learn different quirks about them. You spend probably 98% of your time together.

There’s love, and romance, and butterflies, and a feeling of comfort. A feeling that you could do anything and that person would still love you.

It is at this moment, that boundaries start to fade. And the bathroom door is left open. D:

It’s start with doing something silly: acting weird, telling a joke you know is lame, dancing in front of them, etc. Then you start walking around in less clothing, girls stop wearing a bra 24/7 (which I can testify is a blessing! Am I right ladies?! :P), and other related things.

This next area is gray to me. I feel I may have skipped this next step with my husband and moved on to something even weirder!

So after the weirdness and the clothes, comes bodily functions and the bathroom door. Guys find it okay to fart. Girls let out a burp, but still refuse the idea that we poop or fart anything but roses and potpourri. And depending on how comfortable you are, someone pees with the door open. (Happy to report that this rarely happens in my home. Lol)

The final step in knowing you are entirely, and probably way too comfortable with your spouse is when you start helping them pluck, pop, or get the boogies hanging down. I am not ashamed to say that all of those are weekly occurrences in my marriage.

Yes, I said I’m NOT ashamed! Because this means that I am at such a level of comfort with my husband that it doesn’t bother me. My husband has strict restrictions on facial hair being in the military, and sometimes you just have a pimple you can’t pop by yourself.

Once you find that level of comfort with someone, as gross as it may seem, I believe you’ve found one of your soul mates. ❤


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