Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

Well, I don’t know much about drugs. Or rock & roll. So I guess that leaves the more scandalous topic. Sex. 

A wise woman once told me this advice: “don’t let the man you marry be the only person you have sex with.” 
Now, before you all start raving about saving yourself for marriage and being a skank, let me defend this. 
How much does a person know about sex during their first time? Basically, where the parts go. (And I’m sure I can speak for most when I say the first time is not the greatest.) 
And how much do you know about it now? What turns you on, what turns on the opposite sex, positions, etc. 
We can all agree it is significantly more after you have some experience with it. I want to focus on one of them for a moment: what turns YOU on and what YOU like. 
As we develop sexually, we experiment with different things. Positions, toys, places, etc. Through those, we learn which we personally enjoy. And different people offer different things to you. Without trying these things, you dont find out what you like. 
Now I’m not saying that being with one person your whole life is a bad thing, nor am I saying that you won’t discover new things with the same person. But I think that being exposed to different people and their sexual ways does help develop your sexuality. 
The one aspect that I have found that is different with other partners, is passion. Sex can be a mindless, careless, selfish act between people. But when it is passionate, it is a much more enjoyable experience for both people. 
Passion makes it easier to try different things. And instead of always having quickies, you get opportunities to actually make love. Which is one of the most beautiful things you can share with someone. 
It’s okay to be with the same person. I am happy I had the experiences I did because it taught me a lot about my likes dislikes, sexuality and what I’m comfortable with. Passion is definitely present in my life. And even though my husband was my first years ago, I am proud that he’s my last now. ❤ 
I don’t think sleeping around is the way to go about this though, so I’m not saying go out and be a ” whore” of either sex! My point is to Use your relationships as learning experiences! 

3 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll”

  1. You are very wise my dear. Embrace your sexuality. Experiment, and always keep it fun. I’m not saying every time has to be wild! The soft and tender moments are important too, as well as the quickies and all night ers. Always keep them remembering the last time and anticipating the next.


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