Trying New Things

I am one of those people who get stuck in my ways. I have daily routines that rarely change. But lately, I’ve been wanting to try new things. I started cooking different things, baking, and I even want to do activities that I never thought I’d want to do! Activities including finally exploring Washington, meeting new people, and even learning how to shoot. What?! Me hold a gun?! I must be joking. Lol I’m not though!

My grandpa gave me advice when I first started college. Advice that I just brushed off at the time. He said to “take a different way to school some days, because you don’t want to get into a routine and get burnt out too quickly.” I didn’t realize how accurate this was until now.

Staying in my routines, I get burnt out on work, exercising, food…basically everything. And it spilled over into other aspects of my life. Once I started changing my routines, I started liking doing things again.

I think this is part of the reason people get so unhappy with their lives. If you don’t mix things up and keep it fresh, how can you expect to love a happy, long, fulfilling life?

So make plans for this weekend or your day off. Go explore and try something new. I know I’m going to šŸ™‚



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