Workout Music

I’m currently at the gym speed walking on a 7% incline listening to A Day to Remember to push me through. And I realized that each time I workout, the music I listen to changes. Every time. It ranges from Britney Spears to boy bands to sad girl songs. Sad girl songs?! At the gym?? What?!

Depending on the mood I’m in affects what songs I skip or play on shuffle (minus those ones I always skip no matter what I’m doing but I never delete because who knows why.)

Today I needed motivation to push through my workout, and A Day to Remember has a lot of relevant lyrics that make me want to push to better myself to prove people from my past wrong. Boom. Motivation.

Some days, I’m extremely wrapped in my own head and some sad girl songs help me think through it. You know those days, those sad girl songs make you feel better even though you aren’t necessarily feeling down.

And some days, I just feel fabulous and dance through my workouts to musicals. Don’t judge me. I am a theatre kid at heart.

And who doesn’t love running to Britney Spears?! #itsbritneyb***h

What songs do you listen to at the gym or when your cleaning house and why? Maybe you’ll help me find something new to listen to šŸ™‚



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