Why We Workout

With the new year approaching, we’re all a little excited to start new and fresh. It can probably be agreed that 2013 was a weird year, but we are all opening our arms to 2014.

So bring on the posts about the resolutions: be a better person. Workout more. Actually stick to my diet. Be more outgoing. Get a better job…..and a whole slew of others.

The resolution that most people focus on (based on how many people joined my gym last year, as well as many Facebook posts) was, and probably will be working out. Which is not at all a bad thing! But it shouldn’t take a new year for someone to want to start. But I fear some people may think they need the new year because of the way we portray their motivation to workout.

A few weeks ago, I attended and watched my very first WWE event. As skeptical as I was to watch the “meat heads and bimbos,” I left the event with a completely different outlook, and a reason to push myself in the gym.

Yes, I did watch big buff guys kind of wrestle each other, and a wicked cat fight between a group of girls. But the fight is not what inspired me. It was the actual participants. The “meat heads” and “bimbos.”

I was in awe of how fit they were, especially the Divas. Not a single one was stick thin. None looked like they hadn’t eaten in days. All of them were curvy, toned, and absolutely gorgeous!

I compared them to the models of Victorias Secret. How realistic is it for girls to want to workout and diet so hard to look stick thin? Unless you are born with legs for miles and a freakishly fast metabolism, it probably ain’t happenin.

That day, the Divas of WWE became my motivation to workout.

I struggled for weeks, killing myself with cardio, dieting, and constantly weighing myself only to see the scale go up. I got really down on myself thinking I’d never be able to lose what I wanted. That I’d never look like that VS model. That I’d never be the gorgeous girl everyone admires.

And then it hit me.

Like John Cena punched me in the face. ;D

I won’t ever look like a VS model, because I’m naturally curvy. And once I found my motivation (aka the Divas of WWE) I realized that sitting and stressing about losing the weight wasn’t going to help. Weight loss (the right way without killing oneself) is a SLOW process. I just needed to keep the motivation up to stick with it and see the results.

So why do people work out? The answer should be for themselves. But even if I asked everyone who read this what their motivation was, there would still be hidden mini motivations underneath the “oh for myself” answer.

“To make that guy notice me.” “To be the hot trophy wife.” “To fit in my old jeans.” “To make someone like me.” “So I can have an extra drink at the bar tonight.”….

The list is endless.

Even though I don’t think that making someone like you is a good way to look at it, I have the utmost respect for anyone who wants to get up and do something to improve their life! Because as you go through for a whole, your reasons change.

It stops being about that one person who wouldn’t give you a second glance before. It stops being about the extra drink or dessert. It starts to be about bettering yourself to make YOU feel better and be everything you can be.

We shouldn’t judge someone’s motivations for any aspect of their life. It’s part of a bigger journey I think. One of finding yourself.

My motivations started out as what seemed like unrealistic to me. But once I discovered a more realistic body image to go after, the underlying reasons (who I did it for/why) didn’t seem to be so silly. But why would any reason that got someone off the couch, to better his or herself be silly?

It’s not.

Today, the main reason is to eventually look like the Bella Twins. But who wouldn’t want to look like them?!


So go work out! Go do what you want to do for whatever the hell reason YOU want to do it for!

Because in the end, you’ll find it’s always for yourself.


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