Do you ever get to the point where you brain is just like “blahskejdicuchsnsnskadooajdnrnejsb catsjtjwhhwjahapineapples skajshejyellowbrickroadkajahd?”

Well this is your brain on crack.

Just kidding.

This is probably most of our brains 24/7. Well, most of us women anyways. (Lucky men and their nothing boxes!)

All this nonsense builds up in your head and you don’t know what to do with it. Then you start over analyzing every little detail for absolutely no sane reason at all. And then, depending on how well you handle said clusterfuck in your head, it turns into an emotional mess.

So why do we let it get this way? Why do we have to overthink things to the point of a meltdown?

The day any of you can answer those questions, I will kiss the ground you walk on.


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