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Why You Really Shouldn’t Give A Hoot About What Anyone Thinks of You

I am an introvert. I keep to myself, do ALOT of observing of people everywhere I go, and I have this obnoxious little voice in my head that is constantly worried about what this or that person thinks of me.

Do they think I’m fat? Do they see the stress breakout I’m having? Do they think I’m too quiet and not fun? The questions go on and range from stupid to irrational. And I become so miserably obsessed with the questions in my head, that I stop having a good time. What kind of way is that to live? Why would anyone care that much, especially with people they probably just met?

Humans have a natural need to be accepted and wanted. But in turn we judge others so harshly on their appearance, race, how they talk/dress/act, etc. So naturally, we assume they are doing the same thing to us. Judging without any kind of knowledge of what kind of person we are, our values and morals. Who cares what someone’s wearing? Just because their clothes may be ratty or dirty does not make them a bad person, does it? The person who wears their pajamas to the supermarket…probably just wanted to be comfortable today. That same person may be a classy business man/woman with a closet full of suits. So we punish them with harsh looks and judgement for wearing pajamas in public? I wonder what she thinks of you in your cute heels, jeans and crop top.

I will admit to being one who wears my pj pants out occasionally. But I also live in a cold state, my apartment is around the corner (literally) from the store and take out, and sometimes I do just want to be comfortable. I also admit to being one of those people who judges others based on their appearance. That has changed recently though.

Dealing with my own insecurity issues, I realized how stupid and irrational it was to think such negative things about strangers, then sit and stress about what they may be thinking of me. It’s downright mean for one. And mostly, a waste of time and energy.

We each have one life to live. One. And after spending years sheepishly cowering at new people for fear of them thinking negatively of me, it’s not a healthy way to live. Who cares if you didn’t wear makeup today. Or that your car is dirty. Or that you totally embarrassed yourself in front of the new big wig at the office. Every day is a new day. And a new chance at making this life what YOU want it to be. Taking advantage of every opportunity you get is a gift that some do not get to enjoy. Think of those who are less fortunate, or those with a disability, who may not get to go climb a mountain or go on the roller coaster. Think of every opportunity that you’ve passed up because you didn’t want to make a fool of yourself.

I mean, if those people were meant to be in your life, they’d stick around no matter how goofy you are, right?

So seriously, who cares.

Eat that delish snack. You are not fat.

Make a silly face. These moments make such great photo memories.

Get a little too drunk. Sometimes you just gotta let loose.

Date whoever you want to. Since when were other people in control of who you loved?

And do whatever the hell you want! This is your life! The people who love us for who we are will stick around. Don’t be afraid of who you are because of someone else. They are just as afraid as you are, even though they may not admit it. It’s human nature.


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