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All Dolled Up to Go to…the gym?

This morning I woke up, had some breakfast, brushes my teeth and washed my face. Then put on some eye shadow and mascara. Threw on my sports bra and tennis shoes, and went to the gym. I didn’t slather the foundation and powder. No blush or eyeliner. Just shadow and mascara.

Why did I put on makeup just to sweat it off? Seems like a waste of time and effort doesn’t it? Well here’s a little secret that some of us girls have figured out. Girls have a need to feel good about themselves. We want to look decent even in our sweatpants. And most of us feel pretty after a little TLC of our faces. It increases confidence. And how many of you have had a better, harder workout when you felt more confident?

I love the gym. I have a handful of cute shirts I wear. But I don’t like looking like a zombie who just rolled out of bed. I’m not trying to impress anyone. In fact, my gym is usually empty when I go. But it’s something I do for myself. To make myself feel good while I do something great for my body.

So whoever said that we should not wear makeup to the gym, is full of it, an probably insecure or jealous. I realize how snotty that sounds, but think about it. Girls bring down other girls in order to make themselves feel better or because they are jealous of the other for whatever reason.

I’m not saying we should wear our club night makeup to workout. But ladies, if a little mascara makes you more confident, then go for it! But leave the curls, hairspray and powder at home. No one needs any breakouts! 😉


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