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Realizations of the Week

It’s been an interesting week. From med board setbacks to getting everyone at work sick to amazing workouts. But I’ve been thinking a lot and have come to some interesting realizations.

1. Rain is boring. When it happens everyday and doesn’t have the smell of wet desert accompanying it, things are just annoyingly wet. Not even annoyingly. I don’t even notice it anymore. Hopefully the summer will bring at least a few thunderstorms.

2. I miss my family. We have the best parties. And drinks. And jokes. And memories. I could use a good get together.

3. Music holds strong memories. I’ve discovered that I have ALOT of memories associated with ALOT of different songs and genres. It’s really amazing to reminisce while changing radio stations. It brings back all the emotion of that period of my life. Music is beautiful.

4. The “oldies” are ancient now. The oldies that I grew up hearing, that my family played often, aren’t really considered oldies anymore. I hear songs from more of the 70’s and 80’s being considered oldies nowadays. I’m sorry….what?!

5. Clients like me. I thought that none of the clients at my job liked me, because no one requested me when they came in or said I did a good job caring for their pet. Until this week. An odd couple of people told my boss that I am “just lovely” and that they were extraordinarily happy with the service they’ve received. Other clients have been more responsive to my kindness lately also. It may just be one or two, but it feels good knowing I am making a difference to someone.

6. Self tanner is gold. Everyone should use it. It has amazing confidence boosting powers. And it’s safer than a tanning bed. Just don’t abuse it.

7. 23 in 5 months. Similar conversations led me to “30 in 7 years.” I don’t like that idea too much.

8. My cats are spoiled. They are my little fur children. I spoil them and love them way too much. But we have been through a lot together so far. And they’ve been there for me through it all. Literally. They check on me and hang out with me through times of trouble. They’re cool like that. Be jealous.

9. Debt sucks. But you can get out of it if you put your mind to it, have good motivations, and strong will power. There IS light at the end of the tunnel.

10. I’m married. And at the young age of 21 I did it. And guess what? I have absolutely no regrets about it, and I am still madly in love with my husband. Our honeymoon phase may have fizzled out lately, but I’ve found my best friend in that man. And if a husband is not good company to have, what good is it to be married?

11. Sympathy and empathy are not my friend. I tend to feel guilty for things that I shouldn’t. I put myself in others shoes far too often and end up missing out on opportunities because of it. I need to find a better way of helping those people I have strong emotions towards or with, instead of feeling bad for them and not taking advantage of my life experiences.

Well, that’s that. It’s been a strange week and I know things are just going to continue on however they are going to happen. Just gotta keep on swimming.



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