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Help a girl out!!!

Help ladies!!!
I need opinions on birth control! I’ve been on depo injections for almost a year and their wonderful! I’ve had almost no side effects. Only problem is it’s making it impossible to lost any weight (I haven’t really gained any while on it, but I’m working out like crazy and eating really well).

I KNOW EVERYONES DIFFERENT, so please don’t push that one on me. Lol I’m open to all different options at this point, mostly pills I think. I HATE having a period. Hence the depo. And I’m a little skeptical about IUD and Implanon due to my mom having an issue with one. Also, I discovered I’m REALLY sensitive to estrogen levels in some BC’s. My pills got switched to a different brand and I became such a hot mess.

So please let me know your experiences! I have to go next week to either change or get another shot! Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Help a girl out!!!”

  1. Hi Sabrina!

    I can’t personally tell you from my own experience with depo since i never had it done but I have many friends and family members who had at them. From what I can, tell yes everyone reacts differently and I want to believe there is different types of Depo. I had a friend who lost tons of weight and had another friend gained 100 lbs and everyone else stayed the same.

    If you haven’t gained any weight I believe it might be your diet/exercise. It might take some time to see the weight coming off.

    Beware I was told that after 3 years? Or less? The depo actually stops working from what a doctor told my sister.

    The best thing to do is talk to your doctor. He/she might switch you to something else. I really hopes that help =) let us know if things turned out for you!



  2. Definitely agree with talking with your doctor to see what works for you. Details what your worries are and go from there. I had tons of weight gain when I started BC but eventually found piece with NOR-QD(pill) low hormone no side effects and the doctor said it is fine to skip placebo weeks so you can shedule cycles to 3-4xs a year. Hope this helps!

    Lindsay –


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