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I moved to this beautiful state in February of 2013. When I say beautiful, I truly mean it. Living my whole life in a desert does give one some serious appreciate of green and blooming places. Oh, and the seasons!

In this beautiful place, came a new life. All grown up, no close family around, new job… Then some other things happened. The events I have been calling the “no good came from moving here” moments.

My first car accident, which totaled my perfectly good, paid off car (not my fault in the slightest, by the way!)

Shin splints, making it impossible to run since July 2013.

Womanly issues, we’ll leave it at that. You’re welcome.

A homesicknessI’ve never known, always missing my family.

Insecurities, I’m sure you’ve all heard me whine enough about them. Refer to earlier posts for the low down.

And a whole slew of other negative things that I can’t remember. Through all of these unfortunate events though, I forgot the reason I moved here. The one thing in the whole world that I would move states away from the only life I’ve known, for. And it isn’t that I sacrificed my life for just a man. (If you hadn’t figured out I was referring to my husband, you should catch up. Lol) It was a sacrifice for something bigger than him and me.

*Cue cheesy background music*

It was love.

How stupid is that? Girl moves across the states to be with a guy she hasn’t seen in years. Then they rush to get married (she must be pregnant!)

*Insert crappy love story ending where someone always gets hurt, here.*

My story is different. OURS is different. We fortunately stayed in the honeymoon phase for the entire first year of marriage (I still see glimpses of it, and I know we’ll always be this way). Oh, and I was definitely NOT pregnant! We had our ups and downs; fought over money, chores, insecurities, and the stupid petty things couples always seem to argue about. But there is rarely a night when we go to bed upset with one another. We talk about dreams, plans, wants, how crappy our day was, or how insanely stupid that round of Call of Duty was (someone’s hackin!).

And at some point in every day, I thank God for blessing me with this man.

I know all the negative things that have happened since moving here probably would have happened in Arizona too. And more importantly, they all taught me something one way or another.

But the most important thing I’ve found through this adventure, is my best friend. And the strength I get from having him in my life.

It truly amazes me how much we can depend on someone, most of the time without even realizing it. But that’s one of the joys of love. It’s an incredible deep connection with a person. A connection that makes even the worst days, seem just a little bit brighter.

So thank you. For giving me the most incredible ride of my life, for always making me smile on my worst days, and for letting me continue to be a part of your life. ❤️

I will never forget Washington.



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