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Radiating Excitement.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted last! The last few months have been insane, and I absolutely cannot wait for the months ahead!

I guess I’ll start with June. My grandmother passed away, so we had to make an emergency trip back to Arizona. It was soooo good to see my family, but the circumstance was not at all how I imagined seeing them next. Of all three grandchildren, I was probably the closest to my Nana, and I miss her terribly everyday. I know she’s watching and helping us all get to better places now though. Rest in paradise Nana Banana. ❤️

Once we got back, things kinda started falling into place rather well. Better than I even expected. Even though my checks from work were small, I was still able I get my last credit card paid off (yay!) and save some money to put down on Invisalign treatment. My love also contributed to helping me pay stuff off, as I will be helping him pay his off now, so a major thank you to him!

I actually started the Invisalign process yesterday, so in about a month, all my stuff will be back and ready to start! Thankfully I don’t need a ton done, but it will be enough for me to notice and help boost that confidence!

We also got a house on post and will be moving this weekend!! We got the keys yesterday and after two days of spraying, bombing, and laying granules, I think I finally got the spider and earwig problem under control. Yuck! Even though we’ll be losing a little money by moving there, we are beyond excited because it’s closer to work for my love, and about the same distance I currently drive to my job. We’ll be able to do more and make more friends too. I’ve always taken pride in where I live, but I am sooooo excited to have a house! No one living above, below, or to the side! I CAN USE MY BLENDER EVERY DAY!!! And as silly as it is, I am soooooooooo excited to decorate, especially for holidays!!! It’s a cute house, a little outdated, but I know we will make it our own.

Tomorrow, I have to take my poor kitties in to work with me to updated their inoculations and get microchipped. Poor things are going to hate me. 😫

These upcoming months are going to be full of craziness! I will acquire some debt from my Invisalign, but we are finally getting into a good place financially that it won’t be that big of a problem. Our birthdays are coming up, then right around the corner is my favorite time of year, so bring on the holidays! 😜

That’s enough for now. It’s definitely time to get back into blogging because I missed being able to spill my heart out!


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