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Because I’m happy!


I despise the song, but it seemed an appropriate title for this post! 😛

Too many things have happened recently! And I have been overwhelmed with life lately! But the dust is finally settling and I can see clearly again!

To start, I changed birth control…AGAIN! For those who don’t appreciate a little TMI, scroll past this paragraph! Long story short, the BC I was on for years was discontinued, replaced with a “generic” that I became a hot emotional mess on, I switched to Depo which I LOVED (minus the lack of any weight loss despite desperate measures), and now I am trying Yaz. The reason I’m not keeping my BC choice hush-hush, is because I have read a plethora of negative reviews of every kind and it scares the tar out of young women! To think that every pill causes women to want to kill their significant others, bleed uncontrollably, or who knows what else, is and was truly frightening! Anyways, I am beyond happy with my decision now and after taking a few weeks to regulate the hormone roller coaster that is my body, I believe it’s finally settling in. I am increasingly happier, less paranoid, and actually more outgoing. Things that my husband has noticed as well! And ladies, if you think your world is crashing down, try changing your BC! Lol!

Next, we are finally settled in to our house on post. We absolutely love it and I am not sure how we ever lived in an apartment. We are also officially BROKE because of this as well! It is way too much fun to decorate your own home!

Most excitedly, I am at a place in my life that I never thought I would get to. I always envied those who didn’t seem to care what people thought, and just lived their lives. I have finally reached that point, and it is an amazing feeling. I still care and love with and intensity beyond explanation, but I don’t worry so much about what others think of me or my choices. I value life a little more, and I realize that love is the most important thing. I am not fretting the small stuff anymore, which is a huge accomplishment for me! I made some friends last weekend at a BBQ we had, and I am finally feeling like more of a person than a shy little girl.

I am also at a place again where I am second guessing my career choice. Self explanatory, but I will channel Shakespeare on this one: To go back to school, or not to go back to school. That is the question. Hehehe…

I have started getting back into pet sitting, which will be a busy and rewarding feat come holiday time! Let’s of pet parents need a sitter!

That pretty much sums it up. I hate to say that’s all because I promised that tons have happened. It sure seems like it with how busy we’ve been! I have many, many ideas for posts that will follow as long as I don’t fall asleep! Lol

Love and happiness.


5 thoughts on “Because I’m happy!”

  1. Hello Sabrina, you popped into my feeder and saw the post of hour husband in uniform. That´s what initially got my attention I to wore a uniform, 7 years ago and a bit different since it was the Spanish Legion. Although his uniform is much more cooler than the one I had to wear. Might wonder or not, how in the world a Spanish guy writes in English and has been in the army….long story and not pretty.

    Anyways, I see you´re post are happily written and uplifting, which is what I really like. Positivity! Plus you take the bad and write it in a funny way, which is what I tend to do . So like that other thing too.

    About that Shakespeare question….never too late to go back to school, before I thought I was too cool for school, and now I think I´m a dummy with no money. So never too late to go back, and learn whatever it is you want to pursue.

    Have a great day Sabrina!


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