Oh, hayyyyy. ✌️

Long time no see! Or uhhh….read?

So I feel like too many things have happened, or I could just be too excited about things and they become huge deals. So let’s try to recap.

🔹We had to make a very unfortunate trip back home over the summer due to my grandmother passing away suddenly. I miss her and think about her everyday. There is still a lot that I am trying to deal with in regards to this, but I know one day I will see her again. ❤️

🔸We went to another ball! We unfortunately did not get any good pictures together, but I made sure we took some pictures. I am in love with the BALL GOWN that my husband picked out (yes, you read that right. The man has incredible taste 👌) and he looked amazingly handsome in his dress uniform (as always).



🔹We had lots of visitors! To include my best friend, who was my birthday present! My loves two best friends also came to visit!



🔸I made Thanksgiving dinner! All grown up!

🔹Scentsy is my new obsession and spare time hobby/job. ❤️ So hit me up if you need anything 😜 shopwithsabrina.scentsy.us

🔸The plan to move back home is in the works. Stay tuned for details, but pray for us to be back by next Thanksgiving.

🔹Invisalign may be the death of me. Love hate going on here. 😬

I think I can spare you all the rest. Stay tuned for more blogging. I’ve definitely missed being able to document my thoughts and get everyone’s opinions on things.

Until next time… ✌️



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