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Embrace the change!!! 

Hello everyone! 

You may notice things look a little bit different on the blog, and I can say I am ECSTATIC for the direction I’m taking it! 

I am going to hopefully be posting much more often, but I will have a theme! I will be posting about my weight loss journey, recipes I’ve found, workouts I do….


This isn’t going to be the typical fitness blog. I’m going to still post about my life and it’s adventures, but more importantly, I will have one day a week where I blog about something different. It will range from a lot of topics, like some mental health issues, controversial things, general thoughts and ideas that pop into my head through the day. Lol I am also open to suggestions if there is something you’d like to see 😉

So please stay tuned, follow, hang out…whatever floats your boat. 



3 thoughts on “Embrace the change!!! ”

  1. I love reading this blog even though I speak to you so often and know pretty much what is going on but I love to read your writing


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