Credit Cards, Visitors, & Medboard. Oh my!

What a whirlwind the last few months have been! Can you believe that it’s already almost May?! Where is the time going? I will say I’m pretty happy it’s going by so quickly though. Always one day closer to being back in good ol’ AZ! I figured it was time for a little update since we found out some things.

I’ll start off by saying that all of our penny pinching and frugality is FINALLY starting to pay off! We have been extremely careful with any spending for months now so that we can pay off debt, so that we can buy our home when we get back. It’s been grueling, to say the least. So many times we wanted to spend on relatively useless items, but we didn’t. And we have officially paid off one of our credit cards! It is such a freeing feeling to have it gone. We still have 3 more to go, and I know the excitement of having them paid off will continue to keep us motivated. There were so many times when it felt like we weren’t even making a dent in our debt. But when we look back at the last 6 months, we’ve paid off roughly $6,000!!! How insane is that?! It makes me feel pretty crappy that we have so much debt and would have had that much in our pockets had we been a little smarter initially. But things happen. And sometimes you do need a little retail therapy, which we’ve now started to include into our budgets so that we don’t start to feel overwhelmed. Overall, I am EXTREMELY proud of us for getting this far with it though. We are determined to set up our future for success. We still have a LONG way to go, but thanks to some overtime I’ll be getting over the next few months, it will hopefully be all paid off by the time we get back 😀

That leads me to all important question of “when do we get to go home?”

Well….short answer is we still aren’t sure.

Here’s the long answer: We do have a better idea of a timeline, and a more certain range of months of when we’ll be on the road. Thankfully, the VA is going to recognize another issue of Daniel’s, which is a step in the right direction. They can either medically retire him or medically separate him from the Army. Both options have their pros and cons, so we are just praying for the best at this point. We should know the results of that decision in 60-120 days. They say  120 days is the norm, but the last few months have been pretty consistently 60 days. So that puts us around mid June. Once a decision is made and all paperwork is signed, he will have around 90 days left in service when he actively still has to be at work. Which then puts us into September. He has a ton of leave days (vacation days) saved up, and we are not sure when those are able to be used, so we are sticking to an end of August-September range of being home. Its a few months later than we wanted, but I know that the universe is working it’s magic. We wouldn’t be making such amazing improvements in our finances if it wasn’t. By this point, we should have most to all of our debt paid off! (This does not include car or student loans. Those get paid off last since their the biggest amounts.)

So even though it puts us out a while longer, it will be for the best. Plus, who wants to move in 120 degree weather anyways?

But this also opens up our guest bedroom for a while longer for anyone who wants to visit us and explore Washington. 😀 Just a thought.

Anyways, I hope to be able to post more now that I’m getting my life back under control. I have a few posts in the works about green smoothies, a few yummy recipes, birth control, and some workout tips. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see.

Have a lovely week everyone!



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