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The most amazing stuffed shells you’ll ever eat! 

So you’ve probably seen this recipe around Facebook or Pinterest. But have you known anyone who actually made it?! 

Well, I have. Twice. And let me tell you…amazing both times. My husband thought so too. 😉 So I wanted to share a few little tweaks I did in case anyone was interested. I would LOVE to hear what any one else has tried too ☺️ 


So I found the actual recipe via Pinterest, which led me to this lovely site:

I followed the recipe for the most part and it really did not take me long from start to finish. I did use different cheeses because I was not making a special trip to the store for just cheese. 😒 But here is what worked for me! 

🔹Dicing the chicken into small chunks! I was able to get lots of chicken in each shell, and they were still full of flavor.

🔹Frozen broccoli: I always have this in the freezer because I never seem to use fresh broccoli fast enough. Steamed a small pot of florets, chopped them up and threw them in! 

🔹Cheeses: I ended up with a combination of shredded Mexican style cheeses, shredded Italian cheeses, and grated Parmesan. I don’t doubt the original cheeses are delicious, but I suggest mixing it up! I discovered a few flavors I didn’t know I liked! And besides…cheese is always delicious no matter what kind it is. 😉

🔹Spaghetti sauce: The first time I made this, I didn’t put a layer of spaghetti sauce on the bottom of the shells. It tastes a ton more flavorful with the sauce! I had about 1/3 jar left from dinner a few nights ago, and just used that. Perfect amount and flavor! 

🔹Noodles: I actually undercooked these a little. By a little, I mean I always over cook noodles so these very well may have been considered al dente. But it made it soooo much easier to keep the shells together and stuff them full of deliciousness! 

🔹Garnish: While my husband will eat anything the way I cook it’s, I prefer to spice things up a bit! I added some jalapeños to the top and it added the perfect amount of spice! I may consider putting a little Sriracha in the Alfredo sauce next time. 

If there is one thing I’ve learned from the few recipes I’ve tried, it’s to always get creative and make it your own! And share it too!! 


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