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Turkey “Tacos” 

You guys!!!! 😳😁😍

These were so freaking delicious that I HAD to post about them as soon as they hit my tummy! I got the idea from Pinterest, and again made it my own! I promise you that you will not be disappointed with this one! 

Here’s what we used:

🔹Foster Farms Ground turkey breast (about 3/4 cup per taco, depending on lettuce size)

🔹Bell pepper (about 1/8 cup per taco) 

🔹Green onion 

🔹Grape tomatoes (about 3 tomatoes) 


🔹Sour cream (1 tbsp)

🔹Shredded cheese (a sprinkle)

🔹Romaine lettuce (the whole leaf kind)

My husband seasoned the turkey with whatever we had in the cabinet. No packet seasonings! And feel free to sub Greek yogurt for the sour cream. I just like the real stuff 😉 

Get this! Each wrap is about 250ish calories, is LOADED with protein and vitamins, and is seriously filling! It only took 2 to fill me and my husband up! 

You all HAVE to try these! Who said eating healthy couldn’t taste good?! 



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