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No, I do not attend Church services. So please judge me.                 

I’m prompted to write this because of a relatively nasty conversation my husband had with someone, defending why I do not attend Church services. After being told that I was not being judged for going, then proceeding to say it was disrespectful for me to turn down an invitation to their church and voice that we didn’t want to attend, I was upset. How could someone who claims to be Christian, place such negativity on my decision to not go? How could they sit there and make me feel guilty for not going? Then turn it around and say that we were being disrespectful for voicing that I did not want to attend said service? 

I may not go to Church, but I’m 110% sure that is NOT how Christians are supposed to act. 

No, I do not attend Church. I think the last service I went to was about 3 years ago when I was a student at Grand Canyon University. I attended services regularly for the 2 years I attended the school. I enjoyed it, but it felt forced, because it was considered a course we received credit for. I never actually felt like I fit the mold of a Christian while attending the school. No, I was not running around committing sins. I just felt I didn’t belong there. Which is part of the reason I continue not to go. Part.

I consider myself to be a spiritual person. I’m extremely empathetic to begin with, so I think it’s natural for me to associate with spirit rather than religion. I also have always been drawn to the elements: water, fire, earth, wind. I am incredibly connected to the outdoors and how certain weather conditions/sun positions make me feel. And I have tendancies to feel spirits around me. 

No, I’m not saying I’m a medium, or can make them come and go, or anything like that. I’m just saying that when somethings around, SOMETIMES I can feel it. It’s bizarre to explain to people and to try to put into words what I feel when that happens. Either way, I don’t associate those feelings with feelings in religion.

Another reason I do not attend Church….

I HATE the idea of being told what to believe in. In my opinion, most religions have some very good qualities. Which is why I’ve never fit the mold of any one religion; I like XYZ belief from Christianity, ABC belief from Catholicism,  LMNOP belief from Buddism…the list goes on. Every religion has some things I don’t agree with either. Again, why I don’t fit the mold. So why should I force myself to sit in a service every week, listen to someone preach to me about what I may/may not believe, and go my merry way preaching said message to those I meet? 

Why do that when I could be out, enjoying my life, showing others how to live a life that is so full of love and happiness, being connected to the Earth and spirits. That’s how I live my life everyday. No preaching, not asking anyone to conform to anything. Just being a decent person.

And who’s to say that not going to Church doesn’t make you a “good person?” It was insinuated in the conversation my husband had that since I did not attend Church, that I was not a good person. This was insinuated by a Christian. When did any religion become an expert in what a “good person” is? And why would I want to take any part in something that made people feel bad about the kind of person they were?

Then there are those who I feel find religion for the wrong reasons. Because their friends are doing it. If there’s one thing that grinds my gears, it’s people preaching and trying to get people to join their Church/religion. 

Last time I checked, being a good *insert your religion choice here* meant to lead a life exemplifying the beliefs/traits of *insert religion.* Not to enroll people. 
Lastly, many people find religion when they need it. When they are having a crisis, when a loved one passes, when they need something to make them feel better. Now I like to think of myself as a bit of a higher thinker here, so bear with me. Based on those above reasons for finding religion, would it be safe to say that many use religion as a crutch? One to numb the emotions they are feeling and make things they may be going through okay? A theoretical bandage, if you will. 

I can’t fathom the idea of going through life pretending that everything is okay because someone up there died for me. 

I can wrap my head around:

🔹 guardian angels


🔹a higher power (which one though, I’m not yet certain. Greek Gods have always sounded fun.)
I may not agree with your religion, and you may think that I don’t find it or attend Church for silly reasons. But this is who I am. I live a beautiful life, full of more love than you can imagine. I do pray. I believe in the Universe, fate, destiny and all that jazz. I would NEVER disrespect another religion or anyone practicing it, or any way that it’s practiced. 

So please don’t disrespect my decision to let the Universe lead me down whichever spiritual or religious path I’m meant to go. 

Judge me if you will, but know that Someone up there is watching you exemplify everything they didn’t want you to be.


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