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Where do I even begin? Updates, maybe?

I realize the last time I had written, I did not even post about what had changed in our lives. With my last post being December 2015, there’s a lot to get to. So let’s jump in head first with a quick little bullet list, shall we?

  • October 2015: Husband was finally medically discharged from the Army and we moved back to our home state, the good ol’ Arizona!
  • November 2015: We signed the papers to start building our house!
  • December 2015: House should have been started, but still waiting…
  • January 2016: House is finally started! Yay!
  • February-April 2016: Waiting…waiting…waiting… (somewhere in here the construction crew got in deep doodoo multiple times for peeing in our wood framed home! Ew!)
  • April 2016: Closing papers signed! Keys in hand! Oh, and a positive pregnancy test! :O
  • August 2016: Quit my job and started an in home daycare. Pregnancy is rocking!
  • December 2016: Our beautiful baby boy is born! Not at all how we planned, but that’s a story for another day.
  • January 2017: Became an Independent Distributor for SeneGence.
  • February 2017: Finally found the balance to where I can write again!

That pretty much sums it up.

It’s been the biggest roller coaster since we moved back to Arizona. Emotions ran high and low, my marriage was tested time and time again, we lost our way then found it again. And now we have a beautiful home, multiple thriving small businesses, and an incredible little boy who we seriously cannot get enough of!

But now that I’ve shared all of that info, what does that leave for me to post? Where the heck is this blog going to go besides right back in that dusty old app on my iPhone?

I’m hoping to use this blog now as a sort of diary. Someplace I can document the daily happenings in my life. Maybe someone will find it interesting. (Husband and I always joke that we should have our own reality show because we cannot make up some of the things that happen to us!) And I’ve always said that my crazy family would give me enough to write a book someday. So let’s consider this a start.

I am also hoping to connect with some other stay at home or working parents, compare stories, find new recipes, etc. But mostly I want to be here as an outlet for that mom who is up at 3am with her newborn, wondering when she’s going to find the balance she had before, or how much more of this craziness she can take.

I’ve been there. It’s really hard. And I wish I had something to reassure me that I was doing the best thing possible in the best way I could, that I was doing a great job and that I would get through this!

So basically I’m here to reassure you that all of those clichés about life, raising kids and running your own businesses are totally, 110% true.



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