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Staying True to My Heart

I’ve never once claimed to be perfect. I wear my flaws and emotions on my sleeves. I am beyond shy. I have insecurities about my relationship,  even after almost 5 wonderful years of marriage. I don’t walk around on a high horse, pretending to be someone with a perfect life with no problems. I don’t flaunt the things I have or do- this is actually another insecurity I have. I don’t have it all together and I’m horrible at “fake it until you make it.”

But I like to think I’m real.

I deal with my problems. (I don’t sweep them under the rug.) 

I believe in problem resolution (Because I’ve had enough experience with burying things deep down.)

I love my husband more than life itself. (And I try to prove that every single day.)

I try to be the best mom I can be to our son. (Even though some days I feel like the ultimate failure.)

I tell the absolute truth. (I don’t lie and I see nothing to gain in those situations.

I appreciate honesty. (Again, no rewards come from a lie.)

I disagree with people. (But I don’t condemn them for it.)

I don’t sabotage our life. (I do what’s best for the two incredible men in my life, because they deserve the world.)

I do everything I can to protect my family. (Which sometimes means being the unpopular one, and that’s okay!)

I don’t want to be remembered for what I have, the parties I’ve thrown, the money I spend, the expensive things we have, etc. (I love simplicity and minimal everything. I’m not a go big or go home type of gal.)

I love with more love than I believe imaginable. (I truly can’t fathom the amount of love I have for my husband and son.)

I stand up for what I believe in. (Let’s agree to disagree. But don’t insult me for what I believe.)

I refuse to be made to feel guilty for the things I do, that I believe, and the way I live my life. (It is what it is. Love me or hate me., but you don’t have to agree with 100% of everything I do…you also don’t have to comment on 100% of everything I do if you don’t agree.)

I choose to think differently, be out of the norm sometimes, and question EVERYTHING. (Yes, I’m a little different. A little out there. But I’m unique.)

I believe in natural remedies and healing. (No, I don’t wipe my ass with leaves. Yes, I’m kind of a hippie at heart.)

I believe positivity attracts positivity. (I have bad, negative days too. But I try to outweigh those with amazing, positive ones.)

I believe in karma. (What comes around goes around. Always.)

I don’t believe in bashing people, calling names, or subtle jabs. (It’s truly petty. And we’re not in high school anymore.)

I believe in helping my husband through his issues. (Because what’s his is mine in marriage, including his burdens. And I want him to be happy, not weighed down by all the garbage.)

I have NEVER cut someone out of our lives, or prevented someone from seeing our son. (In fact, I have been the BIGGEST advocate for the opposite and tend to give way too many second chances.)

I believe that effort must be made on all sides. (This isn’t a one way street. And eventually we do get tired of being the only ones to make an effort.)

I make good choices for my family. (Meals, vacations, baby led weaning…things that work for US.)

I don’t put on an act. (I’m me. That’s all I ever claim to be.)

I’m modest. (I’m a lot more private than I may seem. And there’s A LOT that people don’t know and see.)

I believe in forgiveness. (Holding grudges is a waste of precious time. Hence why I give too many second chances.)

I try to see the good in people. (I’ve been wrong about it a few times though.)

I bite my nails, tap my fingers, click pens and chew on things my dentist would cringe at. (Nervous, anxious habits are a witch.)

I don’t go to church. (Maybe one day, but I’m not ready for that yet. This does not make me a bad person!)

I am the worst at comparing myself to others. (I crave acceptance, beauty, and love.)

…But I’m starting to realize the grass isn’t always greener…(Everyone has their issues.)

My marriage isn’t perfect. (We’ve struggled more times than I can count. But we work through them. We deal with them. And we move on together.)

I speak my mind and stand up for myself. (I refuse to be walked over for having a different belief or way of doing things. I have just as much right as you do to do whatever I do.)

I will call you out. (Especially if you come at me or my family.)

…and I will only always tell the truth. (Sugar coating doesn’t benefit me. And I will admit when I’m wrong.)

I protect my heart. (Guards aren’t easily let down, which can be a huge downfall sometimes.)

All in all, I am who I am. I will always speak my mind, always protect my family, and always love with a love that I cannot comprehend. 

I’m not perfect. 

But I’m happy being me. And that’s all that matters. ❤️

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