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Dat Green Juice, doe.

We've all heard how amazing green smoothies are for you. But how many of you have actually tried them?  I realize that the idea of drinking veggies, especially those that are green, is rather unappealing. To say I wasn't put off by the ingredients I was seeing in all of the recipes, would be a… Continue reading Dat Green Juice, doe.

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GoFundMy Soldier

My husband, Daniel is the epitome of good. He has an amazing soul that is so full of love, a giving heart that never asks for anything for himself, and a genuine personality that anyone can love. Recently, he has been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Type, an inherited disorder that affects the connective… Continue reading GoFundMy Soldier


Army life, the holidays, and my amazing husband <3

This may seem a bit sad girl at first, but bear with me here. As the holidays approach, I become more and more aware that this will be my first holiday away from my family. It's a thought that I've suppressed for a while but as the trees and decorations go up at the stores,… Continue reading Army life, the holidays, and my amazing husband ❤