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My intentions for this blog

This has been a long time coming, but I'm truly excited about getting this thing off the ground again! I hope you'll read through even though I know this is probably "the boring stuff" for you. I've been wanting to take this blog and turn it in to something amazing but I just didn't know… Continue reading My intentions for this blog

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Staying True to My Heart

I've never once claimed to be perfect. I wear my flaws and emotions on my sleeves. I am beyond shy. I have insecurities about my relationship,  even after almost 5 wonderful years of marriage. I don't walk around on a high horse, pretending to be someone with a perfect life with no problems. I don't… Continue reading Staying True to My Heart

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Meal Prep! 

🍅🍍🍒🍏🌽🍗 This week I decided to try some new recipes and combinations for meals. I've officially fallen into a rut and plateau with my food and weight loss, so it was definitely time to change it up! While I will ALWAYS be a lover of smoothies, I firmly believe that your body gets used to… Continue reading Meal Prep! 


Feeling lost in Wonderland

I've been wandering around the last week or so feeling extremely lost. Perhaps it was because I discovered I had shin splints and am now forced to not do much vigorous exercising like I was. Maybe I'm getting this crazy flu everyone and their mother seems to be contracting. Maybe I'm being impatient for the… Continue reading Feeling lost in Wonderland