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Dat Green Juice, doe.

We've all heard how amazing green smoothies are for you. But how many of you have actually tried them?  I realize that the idea of drinking veggies, especially those that are green, is rather unappealing. To say I wasn't put off by the ingredients I was seeing in all of the recipes, would be a… Continue reading Dat Green Juice, doe.

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GoFundMy Soldier

My husband, Daniel is the epitome of good. He has an amazing soul that is so full of love, a giving heart that never asks for anything for himself, and a genuine personality that anyone can love. Recently, he has been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Type, an inherited disorder that affects the connective… Continue reading GoFundMy Soldier


Oh, hayyyyy. ✌️

Long time no see! Or So I feel like too many things have happened, or I could just be too excited about things and they become huge deals. So let's try to recap. 🔹We had to make a very unfortunate trip back home over the summer due to my grandmother passing away suddenly. I… Continue reading Oh, hayyyyy. ✌️


Feeling lost in Wonderland

I've been wandering around the last week or so feeling extremely lost. Perhaps it was because I discovered I had shin splints and am now forced to not do much vigorous exercising like I was. Maybe I'm getting this crazy flu everyone and their mother seems to be contracting. Maybe I'm being impatient for the… Continue reading Feeling lost in Wonderland